deadman's wonderland

by stonedfox

All of my songs are snippets or skeletons, a flash bulb into the dark, written world inside my head.
This album comes on like an anxiety attack, strong and dizzying then leaves you drifting down into a restless heap with words and regrets echoing like vengeful fire in your mind.

Some songs come from the clouds drifting down into your head or flow straight from the heart.

As a songwriter you can carry lyrics and melodies with you for years and years until they emerge as a song. The constant haunt can drive people to the edge, or sometimes over it.
I’d compare every song on this album to a poisoned tea; drops of hemlock, slow suffocating vines wrapping themselves around my heart that needed to be torn out, cut away. I had to die to truly come back to life and I am happy to close the lid on this part of my past.

On this album there will be off key singing, click bleed, and all sorts of single takes. I very much love to record in the moment during late nights and strange mornings. I used two guitars for this record, one had five strings that doubled as a bass guitar for recording. Most of the equipment are pawn shop treasures, throw aways. My headphones are AKG K 240’s that I found in the trash. I’m happy to say my songwriting skills have improved past my recording techniques and maybe one day I’ll save enough to scratch together a polished album but for now, “Deadman’s Wonderland”!

Through many computer crashes and late night “what the fucks” it’s finally done. I’ve learned you have to keep pushing forward no matter what get’s thrown at you if you truly want to create something. You’ve gotta spill a little blood right?

As always I hope you find a song on here to help you through one of those dark days. I truly love everyone of you who has stuck with me through all my up’s and down down down’s. I hope to see you there for the next one and the melodies to come. Who knows, I may soon crawl out of my den to play a live show again or gather some new humans to record with.

This album is dedicated to my family, my lovely Lore, and to all the friends I’ve lost and gained.

Oceans of love to you gals and guys!

P.S. this music is and always will be headphone music so lay back, throw on a pair and get sad with me my foxlings!